"Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist" (LMFT)

Commonly Asked Questions

"What is the Cost of Counseling with Chris?"

Your investment to work with Chris is $250 per 1-hour session and $375 for your initial 1.5-hour session, which includes a comprehensive relationship assessment and customizable treatment plan. Chris does not accept insurance; however, Health Savings Account, credit, and debit payments are accepted. Due to Chris's high demand, he is unable to secure appointments before payments are made. This ensures that all couples have an equal opportunity to work with Chris.

On average, how many sessions do couples need to reach their desired treatment goals?

Based on Chris's extensive experience as an LMFT and an Approved Supervisor by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, couples can typically achieve their desired outcomes in six to ten sessions. Chris employs a tapered approach, beginning with weekly sessions, then moving to bi-weekly, and finally monthly sessions. This method ensures that you and your partner gain the insights and tools needed to heal and rebuild from current issues, as well as to prepare for and prevent future problems.

How do I hire Chris and schedule the first session?

Step 1: Complete request form at the bottom of the page, then Chris will call you from a 704-712-1696 number to answer any additional questions you may have along with your preferred start date and time.

Step 2: You will receive a text message with a link to complete your registration and consent forms, along with your invoice.

Step 3: Once your forms are completed and the invoice is paid, show up at your scheduled appointment time to begin the process.


Chris Helps a Couple of 20 Years Finally Get the Relationship they Both Want!

Couple Hires Chris for Premarital Counseling to "Prepare" for Marriage and "Prevent" Divorce.

Couple Shares How Chris Helped Them Improve Their Marriage.

Marriage Retreat Participates Share Why They Trust Chris to Help Them with Their Marriages.

"Let Me Help You Build a Relationship Where You Feel"...



Foster security through resolve conflict and building connection.



Learn how to have a voice, listen actively, and rebuild trust with your partner.



Maximize a deeper sense of understanding and connection in your relationship.


Cared For

Delve into the experience of feeling cherished, loved, and supported by your partner

"It's Time to Be Happy Again"


Couples Counseling

Couples counseling offers invaluable benefits by fostering open communication, deepening understanding, and strengthening the bond between partners.


Individual Counseling

Find empowerment through self-discovery, clarity in navigating life's challenges, and the opportunity for personal growth and healing.


Family Counseling

You'll benefit from improved communication, stronger relationships, and collaborative problem-solving, creating a healthier family dynamic.

"Witness Chris' Expertise in Action"

Relationship Counseling Programs

"I Look Forward to Helping You Get the Relationship You Deserve"

"Prepare & Prevent"

"Prepare & Prevent" is a premarital counseling and coaching program designed to equip couples with essential tools for building a strong foundation before marriage. Through personalized sessions and interactive exercises, couples explore communication, conflict resolution, financial management, and shared values. By proactively addressing challenges, this program empowers couples to start their marital journey with confidence and a shared vision for the future.

"Cease and Release"

"Cease and Release" is tailored for couples trapped in conflict and resentment cycles. If you're struggling to communicate, fighting often, and holding onto anger, this program offers a pathway to healing. Through personalized counseling and coaching, you'll learn to cease fighting and release negativity, rebuilding trust and creating a foundation of respect, love, and understanding.

"Repair & Repent"

"Repair and Repent" is designed for couples facing infidelity, cheating, and betrayal, offering personalized sessions to navigate healing, rebuild trust, and restore your relationship. With a focus on introspection, communication, and forgiveness, this program empowers individuals and couples to confront pain, work through guilt, and move towards reconciliation, thus coauthoring a brand new relationship designed to prevent future hurts.

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